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Application of Topical Attack for Injured Horses

Here are some tips for treating scratches:

Make sure you clip as much of the hair away as possible.

Wash with a fungus shampoo and warm water, leaving the suds on to soak in and soften the scabs. Thoroughly clean and remove as much of the scabs and dirt as possible with a warm water rinse, then be sure to dry the area extremely well, preventing sun exposure.

Once the areas are clean and dry apply Topical Attack. If the irritation is severe you may want to cover with a bandage until the areas start drying out and healing

Do this treatment at least 2x per day when first starting off and up to 3x per day for very severe cases.

Keep your horses in clean and dry surroundings until the areas heal. This is so important!

And keep applying the Topical Attack daily until the lesions are completely healed.

If you do not see improvement or if the conditions get worse, always consult your veterinarian.

Do not use abrasive shampoos or slaves containing chemicals or synthetics. It will worsen the condition

Help Your Horse Fight Bacterial, Fungal & Infections