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Help Your Horse Fight Bacterial, Fungal & Infections

Help Your Horse Fight Bacterial, Fungal & Infections

No stable first aid kit, trailer or home cabinet should be without Topical Attack. This product is totally natural and contains homoeopathic remedies and herbal ingredients suspended in ozonated, extra virgin olive oil - an ideal solution for cuts, scrapes, burns, sores, rashes and more. Topical Attack is a special blend of therapeutic oils, herbs and homeopathic ingredients to naturally help the body resist or eliminate the problem.

Rapid Healing of Wounds, Infections, Cuts, and Dry Skin

For Use with All Skin Conditions

HORSES: Topical is an all around topical; helps to heal wounds quickly, reduces size and appearance of scar tissue on skin even prevents the formation of Proud Flesh on horses.

HUMANS: Excellent for chaffed or dry skin. Topical Attack is a fantastic evening moisturizer. Many of our customers also use it for after surgery and cosmetic procedure healing! Excellent for human eczema too.

Rub in small amount on affected area

Nourish Skin from the Outside-In with Topical Attack

Topical Attack is proven to help with Scratches, Grease Heel, Pastern Dermatitis, Cracked Heels, Itching, Ring Worm, Warts, Dew Poisoning, Mud Foot or Rot, Sarcoids and many other skin conditions.

Help Your Horse Fight Bacterial, Fungal & Infections

Horse scratches are bacterial skin infections that affect the skin area at the back of the pastern and heel. It is caused by trauma to the skin created by wet or muddy conditions, or photo-sensitivity. Horses with long fetlock hair or with white hair are most susceptible; but any horse can get it! Most cases are caused by the Staphylococcus bacteria. Once the horses skin has been cut or irritated, it sets up a climate for bacteria to thrive. Moisture rich environments love bacteria and fungi as well.

The scabs and skin cracks of horse scratches can be extremely painful and some horses can even go lame.