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  • Which Product Does Your Horse Need to Get Rid of his Specific Worms?
  • Do You Have an Effective Worming Program?
  • Do You Know What Worms and Wormers Really Do to Your Horse?
  • Do You Know What Wormers do to the Earth?

Step 1: If your horse really has worms and if so which ones! Research has shown that all stages of worms are present in the horse's environment, the new deworming protocol calls for selective deworming that starts with a fecal egg count. Our Equine Fecal Testing Kits include everything you will need: a sturdy container, a sealed plastic bag and a prepaid self-addressed envelope to mail the sample back to our lab. The price includes all postage and the results will be conveniently emailed to you.

Favorite Features:

  • Easy to use
  • Supplies included
  • Pre-paid envelopes
  • Accurate and Timely Results

Step 2: If needed, you can request a consultation to specifically review your horses condition and worming needs. You don't need to waste money worming if your horse does not have any or by trying to kill worms your horse does not have. Now you can target your program to your horse's specific environmental needs.

Consultation Service: Schedule a personal one-on-one consultation with Equine Science Solutions via phone. During the consultations you will be able to ask your questions and provide answers about your horse, so we can make the best recommendations for his current situation and long-term care.

    $25.00 per Kit