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Professional Grade Formulas For Your Horse

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When your horse is sick you need PRO-Formulas to get it healthy fast!

Our PRO Formulas are specifically formulated for fast action and pack the necessary punch to get the situation with your horse under control, naturally and effectively.
PRO Formulas help with:
• Colic, Ulcer or Stomach Problems
• Laminitis, Wounds, and Bone Injuries
• Soft Tissue, Joint, and Tendons Problems

PLUS Formulas

For your horse to stay healthy and perform it's absolute best

For health maintenance or "fine tuning", the Equine Science Solutions PLUS line is geared to keep your horse at peak condition.
PLUS Formulas helps with:
• Increasing Muscle Mass, Health and Performance
• Preventing Ulcers, Laminitis, Joint and Arthritic Problems
• Getting Hormonal Balance

Focus PRO & Extras

When your horse needs a little help to get that extra performance

Success comes from a vision, decication and hard work. Although we can not put in the "work", we can provide some "tools" to give you the advantage.
EXTRA formulas helps with:
• Increasing Focus and Reduce Stress
• Improving Performance and Recovering After Stress
• Fight Bacterial, Fungal and Infections

Horse Balancing Formulas

There are many approaches to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), but the Five-Element approach is unique in that it includes the idea that each of us, animal or human, represents a "constitutional type," exhibiting certain physical and emotional traits that are specific to that type. Viewing the individual from this perspective can also be applied to horses, thus facilitating a better understanding of any given horse's nature and needs.
Balancing Formulas are currently only shipped within the US. If you need Formulas shipped to Canada please contact us before ordering.

Blue Green Algae Products

Algae and mushrooms are nature's two great alchemists, the prime movers of our planet's ecosystem. They literally are Earth's First Foods™ and science is showing a vast array of benefits like: boosting physical performance and immune function, supporting natural healing response and improving cardiovascular and digestive. This Algae is one of the only food sources on the planet classified as a Plant, Animal and Mineral, providing a wide, diverse and beneficial nutritional profile.

Please Note: Bluegreen Algae products have to be ordered separately from your other purchases on this website.

Whole Pastures

Your horse's health begins with eating a variety of quality plants. Sadly, many horses are nutrient deficient as a result of limited plant availability. Whether this is due to being stabled and fed single, or at best two or three species hay, or grazed in limited species pastures, horses are not getting a variety of beneficial nutrients

The whole food micro nutrients in Whole Pastures are as Mother Nature intended, and are easily assimilated and utilized.

Equine Fecal Egg Count Kits

  • Which Product Does Your Horse Need to Get Rid of his Specific Worms?
  • Do You Have an Effective Worming Program?
  • Do You Know What Worms and Wormers Really Do to Your Horse?
  • Do You Know What Wormers do to the Earth?

Do your horse really have worms and if so which ones! Our Equine Fecal Egg Count Kits include everything you will need: a sturdy container, a sealed plastic bag and a prepaid self-addressed envelope to mail the sample back to our lab.

Equine Test Kits

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