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Help Your Horse Improve Performance & Recover After Stress

Help Your Horse Improve Performance & Recover After Stress

Electro is an all natural electrolyte replacement (no synthetic ingredients). It is made from crystalline mineral salt which solidified over 250 million years ago. This salt has perfect structured crystals that are more readily absorbed by the cells. The salt is combined with "Thick" water to prevent the horse from letting the mixture dribble out of the mouth.

Pure and Natural, the Ultimate Mineral and Electrolyte Replacement

The use of an equine electrolyte supplement has the potential to improve a horse's performance, aid recovery after strenuous exercise and avoid dehydration.

This product helps to restore the body's alkaline and electrolyte balance, and can effect significant positive changes in respiratory, circulation, organ, connective tissue, nervous system functions, and quick Re-hydration.

Without the presence of electrolytes a horse's body cannot retain water so just offering water after exercise will not rehydrate the horse.

Benefits of Electro:
Research has shown that giving electrolytes before and during heavy exercise can increase the time before the horse gets fatigued by up to 23 %

Help Your Horse Improve Performance & Recover After Stress

Recovery from strenuous exercise is improved when horse are given electrolytes before work or within an hour of finishing work - enabling them to perform well over several days.