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Muscle Mass PLUS

Results Experienced by Trainers and Owners

"A huge Thank You to EQUINE SCIENCE SOLUTIONS for the amazing FEI Compliant Muscle Mass PLUS!!!
We have imported so many horses from Germany, and the sellers always want to know what we did to change their muscling and make them look so fantastic.
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Muscle Mass Plus
We ran out of it 3 weeks ago. We already notice a change in the muscling and look of the horses. It is just crazy! I talked to Equine Science Solutions and told them that we needed more pronto! I just put in an order for all of our FEI and International dressage horses. We cannot do without it!"
Nicole Harrington and Carman Wakefield
Treatment of Ulcer and Stomach Problems in Horses

"I started my gelding on Muscle Mass PLUS about three weeks ago and everyone keeps commenting on how good he looks and that he looks 'different.' They just can't put their finger on it. One guy even said, 'I think he looks taller!' He didn't even recognize him. Now, in my defense this horse looked good before the Muscle Mass. He looks AWESOME now!"
CYA Ranch
Treatment of Ulcer and Stomach Problems in Horses

I started two mares on Muscle Mass PLUS nearly three weeks ago. The first is an eight year old mare. I've noticed she has a lot more stamina and recovers faster after workouts. The second is a three year old - I can already see a big difference in her physical appearance and the hoof growth is amazing!"
Treatment of Ulcer and Stomach Problems in Horses

We are very privileged to be able to say that we have BOB BAFFERT as a client using our products. Widely recognized as one of the most successful race track trainers in the world with multiple wins in the Breeders Cup, Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes, he has kindly allowed us to use his name to state this fact.

One product in particular use is the Muscle Mass formula. He has noticed a remarkable increase in performance and has every horse on this formula now and is buying in large quantities. He is also trying out our other products and will be giving us his views. This demonstrates how powerful our natural products are; not only does Bob Baffert use them, but other very well known trainers in the USA and UK use our products too. Treatment of Ulcer and Stomach Problems in Horses

We are now pleased to announce that California Chrome - winner of the 2014 Kentucky Derby was using Muscle Mass and Gastro PLUS as he trained for the Derby and was on it when he won. Two great products and one amazing horse can make fairy tales come true! Treatment of Ulcer and Stomach Problems in Horses

Maureen and William Haggas are successful Trainers in Newmarket. They have trained a number of winning horses, for example, Majestic Missile Superstar Leo, Count Dubois, Dupont to name but a few. Maureen (who is Lester Piggott's daughter) has been using our products and she quotes: " I have been using Equine Science products for a number of year now and wanted to say how pleased we are especially the Muscle Mass"
Maureen Haggas
Treatment of Ulcer and Stomach Problems in Horses

"When we bought [my daughter's] gelding, he was poor looking, ribby, and underweight. After speaking with you, I decided to put him on the Muscle Mass PLUS w/ Ulcer Answer and began to see a big difference not only in his attitude but also in the fact that he was beginning to pick up the needed weight. He currently looks better than he has since I've owned him!"
Treatment of Ulcer and Stomach Problems in Horses

"I ordered some Muscle Mass PLUS with the ulcer additive and my horse is looking awesome already! I have my three horses on the Muscle Mass PLUS and they're improving by leaps and bounds!"
Clover Girl
Treatment of Ulcer and Stomach Problems in Horses

"I just wanted to send a quick update since I have started my mare on the Muscle Mass PLUS with Ulcer Answer. You all are amazing! I have been struggling with this mare since last summer when she developed anhydrosis. We started the supplement roughly one month ago and there has been a tremendous change in my mare! You can no longer see her ribs and her topline is filling out more every day! She has a slick, shiny coat, and she seems to feel better than she has in months! THANK YOU for offering such a wonderful product that truly works!! I will certainly be keeping this product in stock from now on!"
Alania B.