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Balancing Hormones & Preventing Ulcers

Sweet Mare PLUS for Hormonal Balance and Ulcer Protection

Sweet Mare PLUS is formulated specifically to provide maximum nutritional support for the horses overall health, and condition specific nutrients to balance hormones while reducing physical and psychological stress during cycles.

Balancing Hormones & Preventing Ulcers

Used as a Maintenance Protocol to balance hormones and prevent ulcers:
• provides nitric oxide delivery for increased circulation
• triggers mucus secretions to protect the stomach lining
• provides serotonin precursors to help promote a sense of well-being, reduced anxiety & moodiness
• Includes herbs to relax cramping and decrease inflammation

Sweet Mare PLUS This formula addresses the problem, the symptoms and the nutritional maintenance needed to bring your horse back to balance and sustained health. Developed to help balance hormones, in addition to quieting the mind and aiding in quite the mind and aid the body's ability to protect itself against ulcers.

The PLUS added to the Sweet Mare PLUS Formulas are condition specific nutrients; a combination of natural, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, herbs, hoof and coat conditioners and naturally occurring Prebiotics to make this a full spectrum supplement formula.

Balancing Hormones & Preventing Ulcers