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Colic PRO - Help Your Horse Recover from Colic

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"Just thought I'd let you know a little story... Steve is hauling one of his personal race mares home from NY, she is in very poor shape (thin, thin, thin!!!) Well she colic'ed on him a couple of days ago, quite badly, we were not sure she was going to make it even to the vet. He gave her the Colic PRO you gave him, and he said within an hour she was up eating, drinking and "clearing her innards" Thank-You
Renee, Cowboy Express Horse Transportation
Treating Colic in Horses

"Within the last 6 Rodeos at least 10 people have come up to my wife Libby, or I and asked for help with their colicing horse. Word has gotten around that "Colic PRO fixes them". Last year we were at a Rodeo in Gallop NM, there was a horse that had been colicing for 2 days, the vets had worked on him and he was still really uncomfortable. I gave him a double dose and then 20 minutes later another double dose and he was eating everything in sight. He slept through the night and the next day, they rode him in the rodeo and he was just fine. If Colic PRO does not work by the time you are ready to give the 3rd dose you need to be looking for the vet because the horse is going to need surgery. You can quote me on this, "Colic PRO is the finest product I've ever seen. It takes care of the problem. Without question it works!"
Scott Fogg, Hurley Ranch
Treating Colic in Horses

"My horse was so stressed out after a ride! I gave her one double dose and in 15 minutes she was eating like nothing ever happened"
Treating Colic in Horses

"Colic PRO not only coats the stomach it releases serotonin in the brain, it's like giving your horse a happy pill. I saw his eye relax and the pain just melt away."
Treating Colic in Horses

"The temperature dropped about 15 degrees one night and all my horses stopped drinking their water. By midnight 2 of them were just a little off and 1 was in trouble. I gave all of them a double scoop of Colic PRO and 2 of them went to drink within 30 minutes. The other one needed one more scoop and she was fine for the night. I was sure surprised they all looked so good so quickly. What a change from staying up all night to check on them."
Treating Colic in Horses

"My horse is crazy in the trailer. A friend told me about Colic PRO, now I just give her 2 scoops in the syringe and she travels really well. The added bonus is, when we get to the trails she is calm and relaxed."
Treating Colic in Horses

"Sunday night, my mare is throwing herself on the ground, pawing, trying to roll, rearing over backwards. No banamine on hand to be found (had some in trailer but it disappeared), I remembered hearing that Colic PRO had worked on another horse for colic, and had given it for a mild gas colic before. Vet was at least an hour out, so I gave her a double dose of CP. She was still trying to throw herself to the ground, but not rearing and pawing so hard. 30 minutes or so later, another double dose, no more pawing or rearing, just lots of belly looking and wanting to lay down. Vet calls and will be yet another hour, gave a third double dose of CR.

By the time the vet arrived, he thought I was crazy to think my mare was colicing. She was calm, quiet, relaxed, heartbeat was slow, respiration rate fine, and she was trying to eat grass. But, vet knows I am not one to call because I like to pay him to come visit, so he decided to do a rectal exam. Yep, sure enough he can feel an impacted cecum. He suggests rushing her for surgery, but since I couldn't come up with the walk-in fee in cash that night, we opted to oil her and see how she progressed.

She made it through the night, passed a gazillion oats, and we never looked back. I called the vet to tell him she was passing oat filled feces and doing great, and he had been expecting me to call to ask for her to be put down. LOL. He still won't say much about the Colic PRO except to say that "that stuff probably saved her". Me, I say probably my butt, it saved her." Treating Colic in Horses

"I used Colic PRO for a horse showing colic symptoms. No gut sounds, pawing, trying to go down. It was Thanksgiving weekend and my vet was out of town, so I started dosing every 20 minutes and he was feeling better after an hour, and after 3 hours, he had no symptoms and normal gut sounds. I will always have this product on hand." Treating Colic in Horses

"The temperature this summer has been wicked hot. My mare is black and seems to have a harder time than the others. One day the temp and humidity went way up. She was in the field with her tail up and stretching. My trainer gave her a dose of Colic PRO, put her on a lunge to get her moving and within 3 minutes she pooped. After that she was fine. It still blows me away how fast this product works."