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Colic PRO - Help Your Horse Recover from Colic

Will Help Soothe Your Horse's Stomach and Relax His Mind

Colic is one of the most dangerous and costly equine medical problems, estimated to occur in 1 of every 10 horses each year. Colic PRO will help soothe your horse's stomach and relax his mind, getting him out of a stressful situation quickly. Don't let your horse suffer, keep Colic PRO in the barn and trailer for life saving relief!

FAST Acting Relief! A MUST HAVE in the Barn, the Trailer and at Shows!!

Colic PRO helps to calm a horse emotionally and relax it physically; thus lessening the possibility of the gut twisting. The product has a 2 year shelf life so you can store and know that you at least have a way to help the horse stay comfortable while you wait for the Vet.

Colic PRO:
• Nutritional support to provide increased blood flow to the stomach lining
• Triggers increased mucus production to ease symptoms of colic and digestive disturbances
• Herbs to relax the stomach muscles from spasming
• Increased production of serotonin to help calm the horse

Colic PRO is equally helpful with horses in stressful trailering situations, when settling a horse into a new environment (shows), horses that stress out over shoeing, with horses that are ultra sensitive to colic when the barometer or weather change abruptly, (give a double dose 10 minutes before needed) or if you notice dry manure when the horse is stressed.


Until professional help arrives you can help your horse with Colic PRO

Signs range from almost imperceptible in mild cases to extremely violent in severe cases

• Lying down more than usual
• Getting up and lying down repeatedly
• Standing stretched out
• Standing frequently as if to urinate
• Turning the head towards the flank
• Repeatedly curling the upper lip
• Pawing the ground
• Kicking at the abdomen
• Rolling

Once you see these symptoms you won't have much time so you will need to have this product on hand.

Colic PRO - Help Your Horse Recover from Colic