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Professional Grade Formulas For Your Horse

Help Your Horse Stress Less and Focus More

Help your horse be calm, focused, and safe to ride


Focus PRO takes about 60 minutes to become active and lasts for 3-4 hours.

Feed 1 FP to focus your horse in familiar situations to take the edge off.

Feed 2 FP to focus your horse in high anxiety or adrenalin situations.

FOCUS PRO is for situational usage.

During training to help the horse learn better and retain more

During competition to help the horse focus on the job at hand and on YOU

Help Your Horse Stress Less and Focus More

FOCUS PRO is also helpful during shoeing, trailering, trail rides, lessons or anytime a horse becomes anxious or stressed. When creating calm, consistent behavior is needed.

FOCUS PRO is being used by riders and trainers nationwide. They are quickly becoming the product of choice at the most successful stables for training and competition.

Below are comments we received about the Focus PRO at the last horse show!
"My horse just wouldn't listen to me, now she is calm and quiet and we are finally a team"!
"I think my horse has ADD but when I give him FOCUS PRO, he listens to every aid"!
"My horse is so different at the shows. I thought I couldn't take him anywhere but after 2 Focus PRO, he is a rock star"!
"I train young horses, the FOCUS PRO help them to learn much faster and retain lessons"!
"I bring about 15 horses on the show circuit. Mid-morning I give all the horses 2-4 FOCUS PRO, and give the amateur riders 1/2 a Focus; everyone is calm, it is a winning combination"!