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Help Your Horse Stress Less and Focus More

Help Your Horse Stress Less and Focus More

FOCUS PRO is being used by riders and trainers nationwide. They are quickly becoming the product of choice at the most successful stables for training and competition. Most top competitors have an edge. Their horses are partners; they are totally focused on the job at hand. Nothing replaces good training, but good training requires concentration. Support the mind: increase performance and enjoy the partnership.

Helps Take the Edge Off to Calm the Mind, without Dulling the Body

FOCUS PRO starts with clinically proven, beneficial nutrients without artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, synthetic minerals, high ash or fillers.

This powerhouse formula is full of:
• Anti-oxidants to prevent free radicals created during travelling and from stress
• Electrolytes to help maintain hydration
• Vitamins and Minerals to help prevent horse from getting "rundown"
• Condition specific nutrients to prevent tying-up

We then mix in Tyrosine to help the horse produce the neurotransmitter Serotonin which gives a calming mental focus without affecting athletic ability or performance.

Help Your Horse Stress Less and Focus More

Focus PRO is:
• Often used with "amped" horses, in situations where extreme focus is needed or in adrenalin situations (barrels, roping, and racing).
• Useful with challenging Stallions or performance horses that need support to calm their minds so that they focus on their job.
• Useful when training any horse, providing greater focus so that it can learn better.
• Useful when loading or trailering difficult horses.
• Useful when settling a horse into a new situation or at the show grounds.
• Perfect to focus a horse before a specific activity; mentally calms horses, helps them to focus and have a willing attitude.
• FOCUS PRO is LEGAL, FEI and USEF Compliant and they will not test at competitions, at shows or on the track.