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"We were desperate to get this horse well... Turning was painful; getting up from laying down was excruciating. After 19 days on [Nitro PRO] there was a drastic improvement. When he would walk in a straight line he was completely sound. At 25 days turning was completely sound. After 30 days the vet came out to x-ray, and after looking at them commented that he had grown a good 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch of hoof all the way around the coffin bone!"
Treatment of Laminitis and Founder in Horses

"The vet frankly told me that he had never expected to see the horse back on his tracks again. During September and October, we kept him on daily doses of Nitro PRO. His daily improvement was constant. . . I thank God every day for having the fortune of coming across Nitro PRO. . . I rejoice every day just looking at him walk and run around the stall as normal and in as excellent shape as before. . . I am a loyal and convinced fan of Nitro PRO."
Emilio, Puerto Rico
Treatment of Laminitis and Founder in Horses

"Just wanted to let you know how my girl is doing. Pretty good! I am totally amazed with the Nitro PRO and just delighted every day to know that we have saved her life with a lot of input from people like yourself. Her back feet are in perfect health with no signs of laminitis. The front feet, which was the severe problem area, are growing in what appears to be a healthy manner!"
Treatment of Laminitis and Founder in Horses

"We got the Nitro PRO, followed your instructions, and in one week, our horse could jog around our 100' pen without coming up lame! We were both thoroughly convinced he wasn't going to make it; we kept him on Nitro PRO for a month, three times a day... We also exercised him, slowly at first - He was a new horse! By the end of the second week he was bucking like a colt! At the end of the month our farrier came - even he was amazed and convinced - when he took the pads off and trimmed the hoof - the red broken blood vessels in his hooves were gone!!!"
Treatment of Laminitis and Founder in Horses

"My horse is kind of like my reason for living, and I have tried everything ever suggested as a possible way to help him for over two years now. It's absolutely incredible how much your product has done so far! He used to spend ¾ of every 24 hours lying down, and now he spends that much time standing up! I just had to thank you for your time in telling me about Nitro Pro, but 'thanks' seems like an awful small word for the hope you have given me!"
B. Montgomery
Treatment of Laminitis and Founder in Horses

"We had made arrangements for our miniature geldings to be put down. It wasn't a hard decision to make because we love these horses tremendously and could not bear to see them suffer anymore. Luckily, the vet was not available for a few days. In the meantime, I decided to look up some information over the internet. I was fortunate enough to find your website. After reading all about laminitis, we decided to give it a try. We had nothing to lose and everything to gain... We've been giving the recommended dosage for about 10 days now and the difference in both horses is tremendous! They move with so much more ease! They are starting to act more like themselves every day... The Nitro PRO has made all the difference in the world for our horses. I thank God every day that I decided to find out more information on laminitis. I shudder every time I think about what we almost did to our beloved horses."
Patty & Tomi
Treatment of Laminitis and Founder in Horses

"TE SENSATION+ ~ is a 20 year old Arabian mare. Her career was 'Endurance' with over 3500 miles and one 'Western States Trail' (TEVIS) completion to her credit... when Sen turned 14 years of age I decided to breed her to a Black Straight Egyptian Stallion - she never 'settled'. Along about that same time, Sen developed a case of chronic Laminitis. Since then I have been grasping at straws, trying everything and anything suggested by Veterinarians, Farriers, Bare Foot Trimmers and friends etc... Nothing worked!

She has been 'bare foot' for the past 4+ years - I've tried feeding straight Bermuda hay (which didn't work) she lost too much weight and energy. I've tried every suggested supplement and way of feeding I've come across, heard or read about, that might, could or would possibly help her. Also annually I take Sen into Desert Pines Veterinarian Clinic for X-Rays of her front feet - to check for any changes - her feet were at a standstill - not any worse - but not any better. She continued to be stiff and sore, not willing to move around much.

Then one day a long time friend came to visit and brought a mutual friend with her, who I had not seen for ages. Of course we talked and visited my horses, at which time the subject of Sen's Laminitis came up and I was introduced to the product ~ Nitro PRO - Nutritional Support for Chronic Laminitis... Now by this time I am VERY SKEPTICAL that anything would help with Sen's condition, BUT - I was still willing to give any suggestions a try for the sake of my beloved mare.

Well being the 'skeptic' I am - I held my breath and followed the strict directions AND low and behold!!! Sen is now able to trot and gallop, her demeanor is great, and her overall appearance has improved, my Farrier (Bare Foot Trimmer) remarked the last time she was here, that Sen's 'new' hoof growth is strong and healthy.

Sen has been much better for some time (before I was finished with the 1st container of Nitric Oxide), but I was Skeptical! But now after several months, 'Skeptical me' agrees and admits loud and clear ~ Sen is Truly Better!!!!

I can't say enough or thank Equine Science Solutions, enough for giving back my mare, her Health and Comfort... Thank You,"
TE Sensation+ & Claire P. Toomey, Long time Endurance Horse & Rider
Treatment of Laminitis and Founder in Horses

"My horse had a right rear suspensory injury 120 days ago. Took him to the vet and he was actually lamer on the front than he was on the rear. Vet said navicular on both front feet. Took him home and pulled his shoes. I had recently pulled the shoes off my other horse and had started using a natural trimmer. I also started this horse on the Nitro PRO AM and Injury PRO PM for the suspensory injury. When I took the horse back for a 90 day follow up ultrasound, the healing to the suspensory was much farther along than the vet had thought it would be. And the horse is 100% sound on the front feet. Vet said "keep doing whatever you are doing because it is working!" I think this is an excellent testimonial for what the fasting Nitro PRO & Injury PRO products can do for a horse."
Treatment of Laminitis and Founder in Horses

"The Nitro PRO was introduced after approximately one month of all the other treatments. He had improved, but only to the point of light hacking, and was considered unable to compete again. The administration of the Nitro PRO appeared to be the major turning point in this valuable horse's future. He responded even better to all of his treatments, and was sent home 3 weeks later. This horse went on shortly after to become #2 in the county as an open hunter on the "A" show circuit, in an extremely competitive circuit. To date, he has had only a few minor setbacks that were easily treated with therapy".
San Diego Equine Sports Therapy