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Resolves Laminitis (Founder), Cushings and Sore Feet

Dosage for Laminitis in Horses


1 to 2 scoops (32 cc per 1000 lbs.) 2 x day for first 14 days, then 1 scoop 1 x day until problem is resolved.

The aggressive protocol to help a horse out of pain is one scoop every 4 hours until horse is walking (usually 1-2 days).

Can be sprinkled/mixed with feed or given with an oral syringe so none is lost; 1 scoop water with 1-2 scoops powder, shake well.

Slowly administer across tongue so horse laps it up (powder will stain when mixed with water).

Once the body has sufficient amounts of Nitric Oxide, you can then switch to the Laminitis PLUS Supplement to help prevent laminitic reoccurrences, which can be top dressed.

Just one dose can also help to cool hot joints or feet after intense exercise.

Resolves Laminitis (Founder), Cushings and Sore Feet