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Protect Your Horse Against Reoccurring Ulcers

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"I'm also having AWESOME results with the Ulcer Answer PLUS. I started it Sunday night, and my heart sank a bit because it was obvious that my horse was NOT crazy at all about the taste. Although he finished every bite of his dinner, by the expression on his face, (and from MUCH past experience with him turning his nose up at all kinds of horse feeds and formulas), I was convinced that he would refuse to eat the Ulcer Answer PLUS next evening, if I put it with his food again.

To my pleasant surprise, the next night (Monday) he ate it all again, but this time almost enthusiastically... this morning when I got to the barn, his entire demeanor was very different (for the better)... he had this twinkle in his eyes that I rarely see; a twinkle, that told me he felt VERY happy and at peace/ease.

He had the same twinkle in his eyes and peaceful expression when I arrived at the barn tonight; (and usually at night, he wants nothing more than to come in from the pasture and voraciously chow down on hay/dinner); but he just looked so peaceful and at ease tonight. He also ate the Ulcer Answer PLUS and even more enthusiastically than Monday night.

So, in three nights, he went from: finishing dinner + Ulcer Answer PLUS by me hand feeding him the remains; finishing dinner + Ulcer Answer PLUS by licking his feed bowl clean on his own and then walking away; and now finishing dinner + Ulcer Answer PLUS and double/triple checking that every last bit was gone before walking away. Quite an improvement for just 3 days... maybe he somehow realizes that it's helping him!"
Amiee P
Protect Your Horse Against Reoccurring Ulcers