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Protect Your Horse Against Reoccurring Ulcers

Protect Your Horse Against Reoccurring Ulcers

Ulcer Answer PLUS is formulated specifically to provide maximum nutritional support for the horses overall health, and condition specific nutrients to benefit the horse with Ulcer tendencies, and prevent their re-occurrence, all without drugs or drug side effects.

Maintenance Protocol to Prevent the Re-Occurrence of Ulcers

Useful after resolving Ulcers with Gastro PLUS PRO, Ulcer Answer PLUS:
• provides nitric oxide delivery for increased circulation
• triggers mucus secretions to protect the stomach lining
• provides serotonin precursors to promote a sense of well being and reduces anxiety

Ulcer Answer PLUS is developed to aid the body's ability to protect itself against ulcers. Our revolutionary, synthetic free, formulation is deeply nourishing and supports the balanced function of the stomach and digestive tract. With cutting edge nutritional science this supplement provides a natural and effective formula to help the horse maintain and balance the ulcer protecting mucus in the digestive tract.

The PLUS added to the Ulcer Answer PLUS Formulas are condition specific nutrients; a combination of natural, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, herbs, hoof and coat conditioners and naturally occurring Prebiotics to make this a full spectrum supplement formula.

Protect Your Horse Against Reoccurring Ulcers