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Professional Grade Formulas For Your Horse

Increase Your Horse's Muscle Mass, Health and Performance, Prevent Re-Occurrence of Ulcers and Laminitis in Horses, Prevent Joint Damage and Arthritic Changes in horses

Help Your Horse Maintain Health & Performance With PLUS-FORMULAS

Muscle Mass PLUS™ to Increase Muscle Mass & Performance

Our revolutionary, synthetic free, formulation is a deeply nourishing, powerful athletic super food, utilizing Nobel Prize winning technology to provide condition specific nutrients, and sustained release nitric oxide (with the safety of network antioxidants) to high performance tissues. This never before available, cutting edge nutritional science provides a natural and effective way for the horse to elevate its health and performance levels.

Muscle Mass PLUS

80 Doses - $150.00

400 Doses - $358.00

Ulcer Answer PLUS™ Prevent Re-Occurrence of Ulcers

Ulcer Answer PLUS is developed to aid the body's ability to protect itself against ulcers and should be taken after resolving Ulcers with Gastro PLUS PRO. Our revolutionary, synthetic free, formulation is deeply nourishing and supports the balanced function of the stomach and digestive tract. With cutting edge nutritional science this supplement provides a natural and effective formula to help the horse maintain and balance the ulcer protecting mucus in the digestive tract.

1 Bag (80 Doses) - $148.00

2 Bag (160 Doses) - $290.00

Laminitis PLUS™ Prevent Re-Occurrence of Laminitis

Laminitis PLUS is useful after you have used Nitro PRO to resolve Laminitis, this formula triggers the body to maintain blood flow to the hoof to reduce laminitic episodes. We have also added the condition specific nutrients needed to protect the horse from ulcers which often accompany the stress and pain of Laminitis and thereby increase the horse's overall health

1 Bag (80 Doses) - $148.00

2 Bag (160 Doses) - $290.00

Sweet Mare PLUS™ to Balance Hormones & Prevent Ulcers

Sweet Mare PLUS is used as a Maintenance Protocol, formulated to help balance hormones and prevent ulcers in your horse. It provides nitric oxide delivery for increased circulation and triggers mucus secretions to protect the stomach lining. It also provides serotonin precursors to help promote a sense of well-being, reduced anxiety & moodiness. Includes herbs to relax cramping and decrease inflammation.

1 Bag (80 Doses) - $148.00

2 Bag (160 Doses) - $290.00

Joint PLUS™ for Joints and Arthritic Changes

Joint PLUS is Useful for supporting the Joints after utilizing Joint PRO. This formula provides Arthritis support with Anti-inflammatories, to help prevent the main cause of pain, inflammation. It also increases Nitric Oxide delivery for increased circulation and Anti-oxidants, to help prevent free radical damage, easing the wear and tear of soft tissues. This PLUS formula is a powerhouse supplement aids in providing pain relief from Arthritis and inflamed, stressed or hot joints.

1 Bag (80 Doses) - $148.00

Cushings PLUS™ Nutritional Support for Cushings

Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction, better known as Cushing's disease, is a painful, debilitating and potentially fatal condition for horses. It is caused by a tumor on the pituitary gland in the horse's brain and leads to uncontrollable level of hormones in the body. The symptoms of this include heatstroke caused by an inability to shed fur, laminitis episodes, anemia, colic and impaired liver function. Cushing symptoms may be managed using our proprietary Cushing's Formula.

1 Bag (80 Doses) - $148.00