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Professional Grade Formulas For Your Horse

When your horse is suffering from Colic, Ulcer or Stomach Problems, Laminitis, Wounds, or Bone Injuries, Soft Tissue, Joint, or Tendons Problems

Get Your Horse Back to Health with Help from PRO-FORMULAS

Gastro PLUS PRO™ Against Ulcer and Stomach Problems

Gastro PLUS PRO™ address gastric and colonic ulcers from a different physiological standpoint than current drugs, which only suppress gastric acid for short term relief. Gastro PLUS PRO™ supplies condition specific nutrients and nitric oxide precursors to support the body's healing of damaged gastric tissue for long term relief and resolution, by increasing the horse's natural production of mucus which protects the lining of the stomach and intestines.

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Nitro PRO™ Resolves Laminitis and Low Blood Flow

Finally, there is a hard science approach to the treatment of Laminitis. Research indicates that the lack of normal blood supply to the hoof is a major factor in the onset, re-occurrence, and failure of laminitis cases to heal. It triggers the production of nitric oxide to reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, stimulate development of new blood vessels and prevent capillary blockage. This formula DOES NOT CONTAIN IRON. New research shows that the occurrence of Laminitis is often triggered by an iron imbalance with other minerals.
Veterinarians are increasingly turning to Nitro PRO for their base support in treating laminitis.

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Nitro PRO
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Injury PRO™ for Bone Injuries, Wounds & Soft Tissue Repair

If you are like us, you hate that helpless feeling of... "What can I do right now to help my Horse"? Injury PRO allows you to turbo blast your horses healing power to trigger much faster healing. Injury Pro is designed to support the body's own healing process. Our state of the art precursor and nutrient delivery system triggers the body to increase blood flow to the injured area as well as production of collagen to speed tissue repair. Injury PRO triggers substantial healing quickly.

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Joint PRO™ for Joints, Cartilage, Ligaments & Tendons

Joint PRO is a non-prescription, veterinary-strength, all-natural formula that may help the body to replace the synovial fluid and re-grow cartilage. It may also help to improve blood flow to the joints and reduce inflammation causing pain. Joint PRO helps protect in ways not found in any other joint support product. Joint PRO can easily replace some of the more common methods of treating joint issues, such as injections and it has no drug side effects.

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Colic PRO™ FAST Acting Relief!

A MUST HAVE in the Barn, the Trailer and at Shows!! Colic is one of the most dangerous and costly equine medical problems. Colic PRO is a very powerful addition to your emergency kit that will help soothe your horse's stomach and relax his mind, getting him out of a stressful situation quickly. With Colic PRO on hand you won't feel helpless. This can help the horse be comfortable and hopefully, by the time the vet gets there, the crisis will be over.

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