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"This product is wonderful! Not only is it drug free, it actually works and costs way less than the drugs that are on the market for Ulcers."
Treatment of Ulcer and Stomach Problems in Horses

"Within an hour she was eating well again, and within 2 days you could not tell anything was ever wrong. Her coat is really shinny again too!"
Treatment of Ulcer and Stomach Problems in Horses

"Gastro PLUS PRO is the finest product I've ever seen. It takes care of the problem. Without question it works!"
Scott Fogg, Hurley Ranch, AK.
Treatment of Ulcer and Stomach Problems in Horses

"I just had to report on how GPP has worked on my fire mare. The results were absolutely immediate, with a drastic difference in her spooking, relaxation and overall demeanor the very next day. I recommended the product to a barn-mate and loaned her a few doses for her horse, who was looking quite poor, was not eating, and very thin. Again, in one day, there was a huge difference – he's relaxed through his topline, eating, and happy. Thank you again!"
Jen B.
Treatment of Ulcer and Stomach Problems in Horses

"We put our horse on Gastro PLUS PRO and within 4 days the dunking of the hay in the water trough stopped. The pacing stopped within a week. He now eats his grain instead of watching the other horses and worrying. He put weight on almost immediately! He still gets his Gastro PLUS PRO before he jumps in the trailer and before showing, but he is such a different horse that I can't believe he's the same horse! This is the best!"
Treatment of Ulcer and Stomach Problems in Horses

"I decided to put my gelding on the Gastro PRO because someone suggested he might have ulcers. This horse hated to be touched, brushed, and saddled. He constantly backed his ears, and twisted his tail if you touched him. Within 2 weeks of starting the Gastro PLUS PRO, his attitude was better. But the wonderful thing is, I now have a horse who is pleasant to be around. It just tickles me to see the difference it has made."
Treatment of Ulcer and Stomach Problems in Horses

"Equine Science Solutions' product Gastro Plus Pro is a brilliant product. I have used it on three horses. Two horses were quite poor looking - tucked up and tense through the back and abdominal area, poor coat, low weight and generally feeling poor under saddle. One of these horses also had stopped eating. The third horse had begun spooking big and hard at everything, and was generally unmanageable in that regard. Upon starting the Gastro Plus Pro, ALL of them dramatically improved in one day, and continued improvement through treatment. The spooky horse became relaxed and happy, and the two that looked so poor instantly were more relaxed through the topline, brighter eyed, and put weight on quickly. The one who wasn't eating began to do so. I cannot recommend this product highly enough and am grateful for what it has done for my horses. Thank you Equine Science Solutions!"
J. Bayer