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Resolves Horse Ulcers and Stomach Problems

This is the bottom line: When a horse is stressed emotionally or physically the mucus in the digestive and elimination tract is reduced. Drugs can not help with colonic ulcers, they reduce the acid in the stomach so ulcers are not formed there, however after you stop using the drugs, the underlying issue (not enough mucus) has not been addressed and ulcers are able to form again.

Mother Nature's Answer to Treatment of Ulcers in Horses

When the body is triggered to produce more nitric oxide, the result is:

• Increased blood flow
• Support to healing of damaged gastric tissues
• Stimulated production of protective mucus secretions

Gastro PLUS PRO does not interfere with the normal digestive processes which are inhibited by products causing a reduction in gastric acid.

Nitric Oxide to the rescue! This is a gaseous molecule that is produced in the walls of the stomach, which relaxes the walls of blood vessels, thus increasing blood flow, and triggers the body to produce the desired amount of mucus which lines the stomach and intestinal walls. This mucus coats and protects the ulcerated areas so they can heal quickly and helps to prevent them from forming in the stomach or colon. No other product will provide the same impressive and effective result.

Ulcer and Stomach Problems in Horses

Gastro PLUS PRO is a non-prescription, veterinary-strength, all-natural formula; it utilizes the body's own healing abilities without introducing chemicals or drugs that have side effects into the body. It is known that Nitric Oxide promotes the body's own healing process of gastric ulcers and helps prevent ulcers from developing.

Most horses eat within hours of getting Gastro PLUS PRO, so you don't need to worry about them dropping weight. This is an amazing product that helps to both resolve chronic ulcers and may help to pull horses out of Colic!