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Ulcer Clinical Study

General research shows that 90% of all adult horses and 50% of foals under the age of 6 months that have been scoped have shown to have gastric ulcers, and that 90% of active race horses have ulcers. In a gastric ulcer study in 2012 at Santa Anita Race Track in California 94.1% (32 out of 34) of actively competing race horses were ulcer free or markedly improved by the studies completion while treated with Gastro PLUS PRO. Horsemen seeking to improve stomach function and health have switched to Gastro PLUS PRO for their ulcer answer. When compared to other ulcer drug therapies, Gastro PLUS PRO is "Very Cost Effective".

MORE RESEARCH SHOWS: Both emotional stress and intense physical exercise deplete neuro-transmitters crucial for the adequate blood flow to the stomach which helps to produce the mucus that coats the stomach lining and protect the stomach from acid. An intensely exercising horse must be able to produce large amounts of Nitric Oxide in order to maintain adequate blood supply to the walls of the stomach. Without it, the result is ulceration of the stomach lining.

Gastric ulcers occur in the majority of horses involved in training or competition.

Ulcer and Stomach Problems in Horses

Research has shown that stomach ulcers can develop in as little as 24 hours when a horse is under emotional or physical stress and can cause significant damage before symptoms of abdominal discomfort develop.

To effectively minimize equine gastric ulcers, it is essential to replenish depleted substances that are necessary for proper protection and blood flow to the stomach.