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For Equine Bone Injuries, Wounds and Soft Tissue Repairs

Results Experienced by Trainers and Owners

"My 3 year old whiz filly pulled her suspensory. The vet told me 6 months. I put her on Injury PRO and noticed improvement the first week. I tried it for 4 weeks and noticed my filly was moving as if nothing happened. I thought to myself this cannot be. I turned her out in a small paddock for 20 minutes and she went crazy. Thinking to myself, She is going back to stall rest. Amazingly she was completely sound the next day. I am now training again after 7 weeks. I told my Vet and he honestly could not believe it! I believe 100% in your product."
Treating Equine Bone Injuries and Wounds & Soft Tissue Repair in Horses

"My gelding has visually improved from his "mystery lameness" after being on Injury PRO for a month. I hope he continues to improve so he can run again. I LOVE this product!"
Treating Equine Bone Injuries and Wounds & Soft Tissue Repair in Horses

"I will remind you that before my last order when we switched to Injury PRO, my mare had been fighting abscesses for three months. We just could not get rid of them. More recently, the last time my farrier came there he told me he could not believe her feet. No sign of abscess and he could not believe how good they looked! He said he never would have thought he would ever see her feet look this good!"
Treating Equine Bone Injuries and Wounds & Soft Tissue Repair in Horses

"I also used the Injury PRO on my puppy that had a broken hip and have to have a rod put in. Her recovery was awesome, and the vet was amazed that we were able to take the rod out earlier than expected."
Treating Equine Bone Injuries and Wounds & Soft Tissue Repair in Horses

"My filly is doing SUPER. Her tendon, which was completely severed, is almost completely healed as of today 8/10 (she was injured on 4/21). She's been in turnout for the past month (she was originally supposed to have stall rest for one year so this is quite a turnaround). My vet and I think she will be able to fully compete and have no problems as she gets older. I'm not going to push it this year - she's only 2 1/2 so no need to rush so I'll plan to start her next spring. I do believe the combination of us being careful with wrapping and hand walking and controlling some of her exercise plus the Injury Pro made all the difference in the world. I think everything is turning out so much better than expected.

In fact, I just ordered the next batch for another horse. Long story short, my trainer had a leased FEI level schoolmaster who kept turning up lame in one front hoof. Their vet recommended four to six months rest (they feel, after thousands in xrays and joint injections) that it's a soft tissue injury and, being that he's 18 and used pretty regularly as a school horse, he probably just needs some serious rest to allow it to recuperate. My trainer couldn't afford to keep him 'on the payroll' for that time and the owner was unhappy as she wasn't making money off the horse anymore. So, the owner wanted to either put him down or give him away. I have taken him and am putting him on the Injury Pro plus providing the pasture rest he needs. Although it's a bit of a risk, I am very optimistic that I will wind up with an FEI level schoolmaster for the price of a bag of Injury Pro.

So, I am a total convert to your products. In fact, when I start riding my TB gelding next month I will try your joint product. I usually get his joints injected once a year (the usual oral formulas don't always seem to make much difference) but I'm going to try your supplement when we get rolling.

I've told others about your product too and I know my trainer has been using the Focus biscuits as well."
Treating Equine Bone Injuries and Wounds & Soft Tissue Repair in Horses

"Yesterday afternoon we gelded our palomino yearling. I double dosed him with Injury PRO last night, and dosed him again this morning. This colt is totally, completely UNPHASED!!! NO swelling what so ever!! NO soreness what so ever!! He's running, bucking and playing like nobody's business and unless you knew for a fact he was just gelded yesterday, you would not believe it. I am absolutely stunned!

No Kidding! I thought I had about seen it all, this is the first time I had used it in this capacity and I am amazed! He should have swelling and he should be eating a pretty big dose of sore humble pie, moving stiff and gingerly, not wanting to move much but NOPE!! He's just trucking all over the pasture running laps from one end to the other like he was last week."
Treating Equine Bone Injuries and Wounds & Soft Tissue Repair in Horses

"One of my two year old fillies capped her hocks a few weeks ago. I tried everything the vet recommended. Sweating her hocks, poultices, Dex, MSM. You name it, I tried it. Her hocks were the size of two large tennis balls. I was so worried that they were going to stay like that. I don't know why I hadn't thought of it earlier , but I decided to dose her with Injury PRO. Within two days of dosing her, her hocks were 100% back to normal! This product is incredible! They have given me EXCELLENT results with every horse I have used them!"
Treating Equine Bone Injuries and Wounds & Soft Tissue Repair in Horses

"Isn't it something how Injury PRO continues to amaze us?!? You would think after we have seen so many amazing results, it wouldn't amaze us anymore, but it just still continues to do so. In my mind there is just nothing that Injury PRO cannot help the body heal."