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For Equine Bone Injuries, Wounds and Soft Tissue Repairs

The Science & Research Behind Treatment of Equine Injuries

Research Shows:
• Rapid improvement of wounds requires adequate blood supply to the injured area and the production of collagen to repair tissue
• The body's own healing process of injuries requires nitric oxide in large amounts
• Nitric Oxide is a chemical produced by the body that keeps blood vessels dilated, increasing blood flow and stimulating collagen production. It also has a wide variety of other effects, including killing bacteria and viruses and promoting the body's own healing of wounds and ulcers
• Nitric Oxide is depleted by stress (injuries are stressful)
• Insufficient production of Nitric Oxide can slow the body's own healing process

Injury PRO is an all nutritional supplement designed to support the body's own process of would healing by promoting collagen synthesis and Nitric Oxide production.

Research shows that by increasing Nitric Oxide in the body and promoting collagen synthesis, injuries and wounds can heal much faster and without the pain of inflammation.

The Science:
The body's own process of proper healing of wounds and fractures depends on the body's ability to produce large amounts of Nitric Oxide.

Nitric Oxide is a gaseous molecule that relaxes the walls of blood vessels and increases blood flow to an injured area. Nitric Oxide production within an injured tendon increases 5-fold within the first 7 days after injury (Murrell, 1997). Nitric Oxide also stimulates collagen synthesis and increases the mechanical strength of the body's own healing process of its tendons, skin, and bone (Schaffer, 1996; Diwan, 2000).

Nitric oxide also helps prevent wound infection through its anti-bacterial and anti-viral effects (Bogdan, 1997). Injury PRO provides the nutrients a horse's body needs to form neurotransmitters that promote blood flow to an injured area. Injury PRO combines selected neurotransmitter-precursors with all-natural ingredients that support neurotransmitter synthesis.

For Equine Bone Injuries, Wounds and Soft Tissue Repairs