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Professional Grade Formulas For Your Horse

For Equine Bone Injuries, Wounds and Soft Tissue Repairs

For Equine Bone Injuries, Wounds and Soft Tissue Repairs

You never know when your horse will be hurt. If you are like us, you hate that helpless feeling of... "What Can I Do RIGHT NOW to Help my Horse"? With Injury PRO on hand you can turbo blast your horses healing power right away and become an "Injury PRO". Injury Pro is designed to boost the body's own healing process and thereby shorten the natural healing time of your horse's injury, without drugs and without drug side effects.

Triggers Your Horse's Body to Increase Blood Flow to the Injured Area

Helping Your Horse Recover From:
• Deep and Superficial Wounds
• Connective and Soft Tissue Damage
• Abscesses, Habronema and Fungal Challenges
• Inflammation, Post Surgery and Bone Fractures

Proven Nutraceutical Support to Activate the Body's Ability to Heal Injuries FAST

Injury PRO provides powerful results for soft tissue wounds, ligament tears, bone fractures, habronema and more! Use Injury PRO on on any mammal for all skin injuries or disorders; great for wounds that cannot be bandaged.

Laminitis/Founder is believed to be caused by insufficient blood flow to a horse's feet and reduced blood supply to the foot is a crucial factor, resulting in severe pain and cell death.

Benefits of Injury PRO:
• Triggers fast healing of both infected, deep and superficial wounds
• Prevents the creation of proud flesh right from the start
• Guards against bacterial and fungal conditions typical of a stable environment

The Nitric Oxide production triggered by Injury PRO works so well and so fast, you usually dont need Anti-Inflammatory herbs or drugs

For Equine Bone Injuries, Wounds and Soft Tissue Repairs

Injury PRO also contains proven anti-inflammatory herbs and collagen enhancers to reduce and regulate inflammation and increase collagen synthesis.